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Biu Jee


Biu Jee 鏢指 is variously translated as Spearing Fingers, Darting Fingers, Thrusting Fingers… It was for a long time a form only taught to senior students after long years of Wing Chun practice. In the modern information, its become more important to make clear, accurate insights into Biu Jee available to all.

Lead Cast

  • Biu Jee Part 1

    • May 15, 2022
    • 1hr 30min
    This form allows the development of power at very close distances, and features various 'emergency' techniques to be employed if all others have failed!

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  • Biu Jee Part 2

    • May 22, 2022
    • 1hr 30min
    Wing Chun people sometimes say "Biu Jee doesn't go out the door". This has two meanings. One is that, traditionally, the form was kept secret, for advanced students, which is not a workable approach in the modern era. Another interpretation of the phrase is that it should never be used until you really need it.

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  • Biu Jee Part 3

    • May 29, 2022
    • 1hr 30min
    The traditional Wing Chun kuen kuit, maxims relevant to the style, has this to say about the Biu Jee form:
    - The Biu Jee hand contains emergency techniques.
    - Iron fingers can strike a vital point at once.
    - The stepping in elbow strike has sufficient threatening power.
    - The phoenix eye punch has no compassion.
    - Fak Sau, Ginger Fist, and Guide Bridge; their movements are closely coordinated and hard to defend and nullify.
    - Springy power and the extended arm are applied to close range.
    - The situation is different when preventing from defeat in an emergency.
    - The Biu Jee is not taught to outsiders.
    - How many Sifu pass on the proper heritage?

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