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Seasons: MCC01

04 Tong Bei Quan

Yeung Sifu introduces and demonstrates this relatively little-known Northern Chinese kung fu style, and shows how its movements can be applied against a heavy puncher.

08 Wing Chun – Krav Maga

Michael Chan explains how he studied and combined elements of these Chinese and Israeli systems to forge a street real combat style.

03 Goju Ryu Karate

Ceberano Hanshi demonstrates the key forms of his art, and explains how Goju Ryu remains relevant in the modern age. He shares stories of his training with the legendary Yamaguchi Gogen.

10 Hung Gar

Challenge of the Now: Studying Martial Arts in the Zoom Era. By Mak Che-kong Sifu. Mak Sifu explains and demonstrates how he shares his art using the latest in modern social media.

06 Southern Mantis

Whitrod Sifu performs the basic movements of the Chow Gar Mantis style, and demonstrates how the techniques can be applied against attacks from different angles.

01 Welcome Speech

Mak Che-kong Sifu and Bey Logan
introducing you to the background and mission of our First Martial Club Convention. Watch this for FREE.

02 Southern Mantis

Toad from ‘The Five Venoms’: Mantis Master’s Movie Magic. Lo Mang Sifu shows how he adapted his traditional Southern Mantis style to the jade screen, and tells tales from the glory days of kung fu cinema.

05 Mizong Luohan

Sword and Pen: The Martial and Arts of Mizong Luohan. Ibrahiim Tse introduces the history and nature of Mizong Luohan, and describes his efforts to archive and propagate the art.

11 Fukien White Crane

When Warriors take Wing: The Style and Strength of Fukien White Crane. Lorne Bernard Sifu describes the history and demonstrates the movements of this style, then shows how its weapons techniques can be adapted to real world combat.

09 Chen Tai Chi

The Art of the Straight Line: Chen Tai Chi for Health and Combat. Berwick Sifu demonstrates and explains the movements of Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese art renowned for benefiting health and longevity.

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